Boats and Boating: Rivers West Small Craft Center in Portland, OR

the mother of all maritime links- he's not kidding. The Center for Wooden Boats in Seattle, WA The Northwest School of Wooden Boatbuilding, in Port Townsend, WA

Homebuilt Submersibiles Webring- Ever wanted to build your own submarine? Check this out!

City of Seattle boat ramps- Map and detailed information about boat ramps owned by the City of Seattle "the oldest and most established website for fiberglass boat enthusiasts"


Kayaks and Kayaking:

Skamokawa Town Center- B&B and kayaking on the lower Columbia River More information about Greenland style kayaking than you can shake a stick at South Sound Traditional Inuit Kayaking Symposium Greenland style kayaking in Japan. Very cool graphics and illustrations! Skin-on-frame kayaks and other small craft, Manzanita, OR Skin-on-frame kayak replicas built by Harvey Golden


Fishing: learn tips and techniques for catching salmon in the Pacific Northwest How to catch steelhead in the Pacific Northwest How to catch halibut in the Pacific Northwest

Smelt Dipping- A whole page about smelt dipping in the Northwest Pretty self explanatory. Very helpful page. More helpful fishing tips and advice

Fishing in the Northwest- Even more Pacific Northwest fishing links

Washington fishing regulations- WDFW's rule page, including emergency rule changes

Oregon DFW- Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife Fishing in British Columbia

Columbia River Dam fish counts- How many salmon have passed over the dams today? You can find out here Fishing from kayaks...for sharks! More fishing from kayaks You guessed it: fishing from surfboards


Livestock and Farming: The American Livestock Breeds Conservancy, monitoring rare breeds of livestock The American Black Welsh Mountain Sheep Association A very beautifully produced magazine for small farmers and draft horse enthusiasts The Lopez Island Community Land Trust; check out their mobile USDA-approved butchering facility Fungi Perfecti, edible mushroom growing supplies and spawn America's oldest and largest magazine covering eco-agriculture Heirloom and rare vegetable and other seeds.


Do-it-Yourself stuff: hardcore DIY magazine, technology projects of all kinds, blogs, etc yet another amazing DIY project site potato cannons and other "novelty launchers" Home-made outdoor gear homemade alcohol camping stoves overview

the penny stove- simple, lightweight, homemade alcohol camp stove baking and other cooking on homemade alcohol stoves

Lindsay's Books- Lindsay's Books have retired, but there are links here to dealers that ma have some of their books still.


Wood and Woodworking: Many excellent forums bulletin boards related to wood and woodworking Excellent forums relating to forestry and small sawmilling practices Making chairs and other items from unseasoned wood; great plans for a shaving horse

sawyer's links page- Tons and tons of links relating to sawing and drying lumber and related topics Custom Handcrafted Conference Tables, Desks, Credenzas, and Fine Furniture.


Metalworking and Blacksmithing: More blacksmithing information and forums than you'll know what to do with. Links to blacksmithing webrings Northwest Blacksmith Association

Marshall Machine and Engineering- How to build an iron-melting cupola furnace and make your own cast iron parts

charcoal making- How to make your own charcoal


Vehicles and Machinery: Forums dedicated to Dodge/Cummins diesel trucks Automotive repair manual publishers Diesel Volkswagen parts, information and forums Volkswagen classifieds, forums and other information Volkswagen TDI diesel club and forums Diesel Volkswagen forums and links, in English and French "the VW enthusiast website." Galleries, resources and forums Diesel Volkswagen parts, information and forums Mercedes-Benz Club of America. Forums and other resources Site dedicated to the "heckflosse", or fintail, Mercedes of the 60's Site dedicated to the "ponton" series of Mercedes-Benz, from the 50's and early 60's Parts, tools, forums and other resources for Mercedes-benz vehicles of all kinds Fantastic source for Mercedes parts of all kinds, including SVO kits and biodiesel compatible parts


Biodiesel and WVO/SVO:

Biodiesel infopop forum- Biodiesel and SVO discussion forums-Very good! SVO kits and parts, forums Biodiesel FAQs and information Biodiesel supplies, parts and plans, tons of information on "appleseed" style processors Biodiesel information, books, classes, links, plans for "appleseed" style processors Collaborative Biodiesel Tutorial-fantastic! one man's "appleseed" style biodiesel processor, very nicely done


Weather: NOAA Weather's website

river levels- NOAA Weather's river flood stage reports NOAA's tide table generator Tide tables for Astoria, OR and the lower Columbia River

NOAA weather buoy- NOAA's weather buoy 46029 at the Columbia River bar

NOAA wind and wave map- Animated GIF map showing wind speed and direction and wave height for the Pacific coast out to longitude 145 deg W

Environment Canada Seasonal Forecast- Weather reports for Canada the Columbia River Ship Report. Ship traffic information for the Lower Columbia River, updated daily


Other: Artists, carvers and performers of Northwest Coast native traditions, located in Ariel, WA Home Power magazine, journal of home produced and alternative electrical power

arctic photography- Very beautiful photographs of the arctic, including lots of Inuit kayaks and hunters

quik house- Build a house out of metal shipping containers United States Constitution online

WA state DOE aerial photos- aerial photos of the shoreline of Washington state, very cool!

outdoor gear recommendations- thorough and sensible recommendations for miscellaneous outdoor gear